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Features of Python

Let’s see what are the features of python:-

  • Easy to use– Python is very easy to use object oriented language with very simple syntax rules. It is a very high level language and thus very programmer friendly.
  • Open Source- Python language is freely available i.e., without any cost.
  • Interpreted language- Python is an interpreted language, not a compiled language. This means that the python installation interprets and executes the code line by line at a time.
  • Cross-platform language- Python can run equally well on variety of platforms- windows, Linux, etc.
  • Variety of usage/Application- Python is being used in many diverse fields/application.
    • Scripting
    • Web Application
    • Data science
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • GUI Programs
    • Game Development
    • Database Application
  • Large libraries– It has numerous libraries which helps in any field. Its large libraries help in machine learning.

It is a language which is preferred by both beginners and prose alike. It has amazing computing power and is much more productive.

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